Merritt’s Menu


From our legendary BLTs to our classic homemade chicken salad, we’ve got something for everyone. Merritt’s menu is beyond basic, starting with your choice of local artisan bread, enjoy various add-ons and extras to customize the sandwich of your dreams!

We now Serve Beer/Wine/Seltzers/Cider.



On the go? Grab one of our hot sandwiches for breakfast, and we’ll see you later for lunch- served all day!

  • Hot Ham, Egg and Cheese


  • Bologna, Egg, and Cheese


  • Bacon, Egg, & Cheese


  • Sausage, Egg, & Cheese


  • Egg and Cheese




All lunch sandwiches come with MAYO, salt and pepper unless otherwise requested

Artisan Bread Choices

Merritt’s Most Famous

  • Single BLT

    "The Love Sandwich" MERRITT'S signature Sandwich. Toasted Sour Dough or bread of your choice, a generous amount of bacon, fresh crispy green lettuce and juicy slices of Vine tomato! A meal in itself!


  • Double BLT

    "Double is always better" Our classic BLT with an extra layer Lettuce, tomatoes and bacon.


  • Triple BLT

    For our very hungry customer, the TRIPLE BLT will be the perfect choice. Triple the Flavor and triple the Love with this humongous creation!


  • Baby BLT


Merritt’s Classics

  • Club

    Another one of our massive sandwiches! The Club Sandwich comes with generous amounts of TURKEY, HAM and BACON, with added American cheese on your favorite toasted bread.


  • Turkey

    Thick-sliced deli turkey breast served on your choice of toasted bread. Available on the grill by request!


  • Egg Salad

    Farm-fresh eggs hard-boiled and chopped into a smooth blend of relish, mayonnaise, mustard and Merritt's seasonings.


  • TBG

    A thick-sliced deli turkey breast, our already acclaimed bacon and home-made guacamole, made fresh everyday, come together to form one of Merritt's Favorites!


  • Ham

    Thick-sliced deli ham served on your choice of toasted bread.


  • The Linda Woods Chicken Salad

    A delicious sandwich made with our homemade Chicken Salad! (no nuts or grapes added)


Vegetarian Options

  • Grandpa’s Tomato

    A sandwich made with Merritt's famous vine-ripened tomatoes thick-sliced, lettuce, mayo and seasoned with salt and pepper!


  • Toasted Cheese

    Sounds simple but the possibilities are endless! Your choice of cheese grilled on your choice of bread with any add-ons you might want!


  • Pimento Cheese

    Home-made daily, Merritt's makes it pimento cheese daily in small batches to ensure its freshness.


  • Vegetarian

    Our signature vegetarian sandwich comes with fresh lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, onion, guacamole and balsamic mayo. So simple, soooo good!



  • BLT Burger


  • Carolina Burger

    Our Tar Heel favorite made with chili, slaw, onions and mustard. The perfect burger for GameDay!


  • Cheeseburger

    The same juicy hamburger served with American cheese (or a cheese of your choice)! Served on a warm ciabatta bun made in our signature Merritt's style


  • Merritt’s Burger

    Our namesake burger with cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, jalapeños mayo, mustard, and ketchup on a warm ciabatta bun or bread of choice!



  • Hot Dog

    Our regular plain hot dog ready for any add-ons you want to put on it!


  • Carolina Dog

    A grilled hot dog topped with chili, slaw, onions, and ketchup. Perfect to eat on the way to watch the game!


  • Pulled Pork BBQ

    A GameDay classic, our Pulled Pork sandwich comes smothered in BBQ sauce, slaw and our special sauce on your choice of bread!


  • Bologna



Made fresh every day, all salads include Green Lettuce, Vine Tomato, Red Onion and Cucumbers.

  • BLT Salad

    A fresh salad with a generous portion of delicious bacon mixed into it!


  • Chicken Salad Salad

    Our famous Linda Woods Chicken Salad (no nuts or grapes added).



TOMATO $3.25 | $5.95
BROCCOLI CHEDDAR $3.75 | $5.95
BEAN CHILI $3.75 | $6.95